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Shelter is unarguably the most important need for human existence after food.
Nigeria, just like many Sub - Sahara African countries suffers the menace of scarce and very limited housing resources.

Many advanced countries offers their citizens good mortgage facilities option to secure good home for themselves but in this part of the world, Owning a home seems like a Mirage to most people.

An average income earner in Nigeria earns below a hundred thousand per month, while property prices runs into millions and tens of millions, especially within the Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Abuja etc, and to categorically say that HOPE is almost LOST for many individuals wont be an oversay.

At Keshab Properties and Investment Ltd, we constantly seek ways to alleviate these major problems of housing and bring out properties at the least possible prices, hence, the introduction of KeyVille Estate.

With the introduction of just 500plots of 300sqm available for aspiring new landlords, this is definitely a rare opportunity you must sieze.

This product is specifically designed for low and medium income earners who could not afford our past, present, and future property offers due to their high prices and unaffordability.

KeyVille Estate is a site and serviced estate located in Tomoba Epe,in Ogun state side of Epe Lagos Nigeria. It has a dry topography and within a fast developing and peaceful community.

This is first of its kind, we pride ourselves as your housing solition provider today and always.

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  1. Excellent Estate Layout
  2. Good Earth Roads
  3. Perimeter fencing
  4. Beautiful Gatehouse
  5. Good Security System
  6. Proximity to Key Haven Phase 4
  7. Excellent Documentation
  8. Good and Flexible Building Guideline
  9. Quality Estate Management Services
  10. Adequate Attension to Details

Subscription Features

1. Application is onile through our provided secured link

2. Once a month general inspection to site (Virtual inspection available)

3.Card/ Bank Transfer Payment Option

4. Up to 12 months Payment Plan

5. All documents are sent to your email.

6. Hard Copies Upon Request

7. 3 – 6months sales period

8. Price Review( Every 2months)

9. 8am – 5pm Customer Services.

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Having a good home of your OWN is never to be considered as a luxury, If not for your youthful days, how about your older days.