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    SALES AGREEMENT 1. Whereas the vendor has agreed to sell and the purchaser has agreed to buy plot(s) in Keville Estate, Okenla, Tomoba, Ogun State side of Epe, Lagos Nigeria 2. The Purchaser who make complete payments shall have their plots within the Keville Estate. 3. INSTALlMENT PAYMENT TERMS N150,000 or N250,000 Initial deposit is required while the balance is paid on equal monthly installments of N30,000(Thirty Thousand Naira), N60,000(Sixty Thousand Naira), or N90,000(Ninety Thousand Naira), This is dependent on the chosen payment plan and period. 4. All payments shall be made in favour of Keshab Properties & Investment & Properties Ltd. 5. The KeyVille shall be managed by the vendor or its nominated assignees 6. The purchaser only has full ownership of the unit(s) of plot purchased and shall not assume any ownership of any other plot in the estate. 7. The common area in the estate shall be exclusively owned and managed by the Vendor. 8. Commercial/Corner Piece Plots shall attract 25% additional fee. 9. Upon any default, the Vendor shall give two months grace period after which 5% interest shall accrue to the balance.

    A party may terminate this Agreement when any of the following events occurs: a. Failure of the purchaser to pay all fees required payable on the unit as at when due and in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. b. Where the purchaser fails to pay the installment consistently for maximum of Three (3) months c. Where the purchaser withdraws from the transaction before full payment of all fees without any fault of the vendor. d. Where the Vendor discontinues from the transaction. e. Breach of any of the terms or condition contained in this Agreement a. Land purchased cannot be used for any religious activity. The land is strictly for residential purposes. Commercial activities. b. The Keyville Estate is a site and serviced estate, an annual fee and maintenance charges shall be applicable upon delivery of the estate or in the future to cover the cost of security, estate lighting, gardening and general estate maintenance, this fee is going to be reasonable and charged at the prevailing rate upon estate delivery. c. Land can only be held/kept for a reasonable length of years (3 to 8 years) and it is expected to be maintained and developed by the landowners after physical allocation. I hereby confirm that all information willingly provided by me above is true and accurate. I agree that if any of this information is found to be untrue, any agreement, contract or transaction that is based upon it automatically becomes null, void and of no effect. I also hereby agree to Keshab Properties & Investment & Properties Ltd refund policy that clearly states that I will have to write a letter to the management stipulating my intent to discontinue with the purchase and payment refund will be made when the plot is sold.