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If I buy multiple plots, will I pay developmental fee for just one plot or I have to pay per plot.

Development fees are used to provide infrastructures in the estate, therefore, it must be paid per plot.

What does the development fee covers?

It covers all the amenities to be provided in the Estate.

Would there be an agreement fee?


Will there be extra charges for commercial plots and corner piece plots?

Yes , it attracts an additional 25% payment of the prevailing property price

What documents do I get after full payment ?

Receipt, Invoice, and Contract of Sale, Survey and Deed of Assignment.

Is the road to the Estate motor able?

Yes, the roads are  well tarred.

Can I re-sell my plot(s)

YES, but you will have to be inform the company so that there can be a proper transfer of ownership.

If I paid outright payment or installments payment for my plot(s) and I’m no longer interested, can I get a refund?

YES, but it would be subject to getting another buyer, our company may buy- back  but it be subjected to  30% administration fee.

What is the size of the plot?

60 ft. x 100 ft. [600sqm]

What types of infrastructure will the developer provide?

Check the front page of this flyer, all the amenities and advantages are listed there.

Will I pay for survey?

NO, what you pay is documentation fee which include, the survey fee and the deed of assignment, beacons and other requirements for physical allocation. The fee for documentations is N200,000/plot of N600sqm

Developmental /Infrastructural Fee is 200,000 per plot, This will be paid before allocation.

Will there be an Agency Fee?


When will my plot(s) be allocated to me?

After full payments.

Is there any time limit to commence work on my land after allocation?

No , however, subscribers are required not to leave their land vacant for a reasonable amount of years e.g 5- 10years, Also owners are to required to maintain their undeveloped plots especially a must when people start residing in there for the safety of the residents living in the estate.

Can I pay cash to your agent?

NO All payments must be made to the company account. Please our agent for it.

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