June 5, 2021
Approved Excision


Are you looking for a home for your family or you are an investor who desire the best investment option?

KEY HAVEN HOMES is the newest and the most rewarding investment you can make right now.

Located inside KEY HAVEN CITY in Bogije Shapati area, off Lekki – epe expressway, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria and in close proximity with many beautiful estates and resorts.


– Beautiful Neighbourhood
– Lakowe Golf & Country Estate
– Beechwood Estate
– Eminence Court
– Omu Resort
– Eleko Beach
– Etc.

Proposed Amenities:

– Perimeter Fencing
– Beautiful Gatehouse
– Paved Roads
– Portable Water
– 24hrs Electricity
– Street Lightnings
– Excellent Security System
– Estate Mall
– Guest House
– Worship Area
– Green Area
And so on.

OFFER Price :

2 Bedroom Semi-Detached Bungalow: 12M
An initial deposit of N500,000

Developmental Fee &
Documentation N1.7M

Bogije, Lagos

Approved Excision​


Up to 48 Months Payment Plan


24/7 Power

Street Light


Green Area

Frequent Asked Questions

Where is KEY HAVEN HOMES located?

KEY HAVEN HOMES is located at Bogije Shapati area, off Lekki - epe expressway, Ibeju - Lagos State, Nigeria. About 7- 10mins drive from Lekki-epe expressway

What are the available houses in Key Haven Homes?

Two Bedroom Semi-detached Bungalow,
Two Bedroom Fully-detached Bungalow,
Three Bedroom Semi-detached Bungalow and
Three Bedroom Fully-detached Bungalow (With an attached BQ)
(Duplexes and Apartments to be lunched soon)

How many Square meters of land are these houses built on?

1. Two Bedroom Semi-detached Bungalow (250sqm)
2. Two Bedroom Fully-detached Bungalow (300sqm)
3. Three Bedroom Semi-detached Bungalow (300sqm)
4. Three Bedroom Fully-detached Bungalow With an attached BQ (500sqm)

Are these homes finished?

Yes, the homes are fully finished, move in ready and partly furnished.

What type of infrastructures will the Estate developer provide?

- Perimeter fencing - 24 Hours Electricity
- Portable Water - Green area
- Excellent Security System - Estate Mall
- Worship Area - Recreational Centers

- Beautiful Gate house - CCTV
- Paved Roads - Street Lightingetc

Are there other fees to be paid after the cost of the home?

Yes, N1,000,000 (One Million Naira) for Developmental fees and N700,0000 for documentation (Survey & Deed of
Assignment) and are to be paid before physical allocation.

If i buy multiple houses, will i pay developmental fee for just one house or do i have to pay per house?

You are required to pay per house. Developmental fees are used to provide infrastructures in the Estate; therefore,
it must be paid per house.

What does development fee covers?

It covers all the amenities to be provided in the estate

If I paid outright payments or installment payment for my plot(s) and I'm no longer interested; can I get a refund?

YES, but it would be subject to getting another buyer, our company may buy-back but it is subjected to 30%
administration fee

Is there any time limit to move in after my house allocation?

No, however, subscribers are required not to leave their houses vacant for a reasonable amount of
years e.g 2 - 5 years. Also, owners are required to maintain their homes and surroundings. This is a
must, for the sake people residing in Estate, to ensure the safety of the residents.

Can i re-sell my house?

Yes, but you will have to inform the company so that there can be a proper transfer of ownership

Will there be agreement fee?


Will there be an agency fee?


Will there be extra charges for houses on corner piece plots?

Yes, it attracts an additional fee of N1,000,000 (One Million Naira)

When is the delivery period of the houses?

8 weeks, After full payments.

Will the house be functional?

Yes, the house will be functional with electricity, water and cleaning services

What documents do I get after payment?

You will be issued a Receipt, Invoice, Acknowledgement letter & Contract of Sale upon making
an initial deposit and a Survey, Allocation letter and Deed of Assignment upon physical allocation of your home.

Can i make changes to my house?

No, Except by the approval of the Estate management.

Will i pay for service charge?

Yes, N120,000 (One Hundred and Twenty-Thousand Naira) annually, which covers security,estate maintenance,
waste disposal etc.

What type of title does Key Haven Homes have?

Government Approved Excision.

Is the road to the Estate motorable?


Is the Estate Habitable?

Yes, we have so many resident living around..

What are the features that comes with the bungalows?

- Fully Kitchen cabinets and countertops - Floor tiling
- Wardrobes in the bedroom - Television, AC & Gas connection points
- Fully tiled bathrooms - All rooms ensuite
- Shower area - Beautiful doors and windows
- Water Heater - Spacious shower area
- Interlocked compounds - Jacuzzi (Three Bedroom Fully-detached bungalow only)

If i pay for my house and i'm no longer interested, can i get a refund?

Yes, but it is subject to getting another buyer. Kindly not that the refund is is subject to a 30%
administration fee.

Can i buy for the purpose of renting?

Yes, we advise that you use our management.

Our customer support team is here to answer your questions. Ask us anything!