1. Commit yourself and your career to your creator Nothing happens by chance; whether in form of success or failure. Whatever faith you belong to, my advice is that you re-dedicate yourself to your creator. You won’t regret it, good things come to good people.
  2. Make a mental shift: – Many of our beliefs and norms in the past cannot work in this present day and time, consciously, grow yourself in knowledge, especially the new inventions.
  3. Join a network of great minds: Its been proven times over that you become whom you associate with, *if you are with 5 successful people, you will be the 6th successful person, likewise, if you are with 5 failed persons, you will be the 6th failed person.
    Note, we are not saying you should run away from your past relationships that have not or may not be productive, what we are saying is that you should try to find new and better relationships where you can learn and grow, by doing this you will later know how to relate more intelligently within your previous relationship when you are grown, this will make it almost impossible for you to be influenced by just any relationship.
  4. Personal Development:- Personal development starts from the way you speak, relate, and handle everything around you. Do not begin any career whether it is in a corporate work or business setting without being personally developed as it’s going to be a waterloo! There is more to this. (Read on Human Capital Development and Personal Development)
  5. Have a Great Attitude: – Attitude they say is everything, make sure you have the right attitude to things, and be very very conscious of your attitude. They may make or mar your career.
  6. Since you just newly joined the real estate business, do well to ask yourself these salient questions, Am I interested in Real Estate/Homes/Lands/Architecture/Interior Decorations/Horticulture, etc? Can I give this my best? What are the factors available at my disposal that would enable me get the best out results possible?
  7. What drives you? – This question should be taken into cognizance either here or in your closet.
  8. Be very very Honest: – Honesty is a virtue, It is not cheap but expensive and as a result, it is one rare germ that would help you blossom in this field. No matter how tempting it might seem, never give in to the entices to be deceptive in your dealing with colleagues or your clients least you’ll find your way to disappointment as doors of opportunities or referrals might be blocked unto you. Statistics have shown that out of a 100 deceptive transactions 40% are successful, whereas out of a 100 honest transactions, 99.97% are always successful. From statistical reports, its wise and less stressful to join the honesty-filled winning team, wouldn’t you agree too?
  9. Be a Problem Solver: Always remain optimistic in all circumstances. Never give up easily at small challenges, and be ready to brace the journey, seizing every bull and obstacle by the horn. Develop a thick skin for success and you’ll never make excuses for failure. Make it a point of duty to always find out solutions to problems. Even when other people don’t see any light from any particular deal, with a stauch attitude to success, you sure would see and experience light at the end of the tunnel.
  10. Be well organized with good details: – Do not look or appear disorganized at any time, especially when meeting your clients. Take special note of this!
  11. Stay Polite Always
    Politeness is the practical application of good manners or etiquette in the way we speak and relate with others.
  12. Have good knowledge of Real Estate: –
    Having a detailed knowledge of real estate and any product you want to work on is one of the basics of real estate.
  13. Be Classy:- This is not to be joked with, you can’t be looking like a thousandaire and be talking like a Billionaire or vice versa.
    Work on your looks!
  14. Sell yourself first before selling anything – People buy you before buying what you are selling… Have a fantastic profile either online or offline.
  15. Always remember that there is dignity in Labour. Develop a love for hard work guided by the characteristics of smartness.
    Do not allow anyone to tell you the only criteria you need to succeed is to be smart. Being smart is also a part of being hardworking. The combination of these two characteristics will guide you throughout your real estate career pursuit.

All these and more makes a Great Realtor!


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