Determine if you want to take your venture into being a realtor to be a career or a side hustle. Whichever is the case, either of these is fine, But the strategies needed differ. Many started it as a side hustle and today it is metamorphosed to being their major hustle. But in the case where it is a side business, then there is little physical advert you can make(Nonetheless, the cases differ).

If you want to take being a realtor as a career then do the following:

  1. Get a company name and register it and open a bank account with it. if possible use this name in to run any advert you want but don’t keep your personal identity private.
    Open an account on LinkedIn in the same name you have chosen for your brand and do same on all social media platforms, on all property marketing websites too (please look up on google for as many property websites as possible). Beautifully post the properties you have there that is: post very good pictures of the properties you have for sale.

2. Post your personal and professional pictures there too(you can go for a corporate shoot if you like).

-Have a personal page different from your business page.

  • Do not post negative information on your business page. Social media is a public place, you don’t know who may see it.
    Be active there on social media, people will check your activities first before they chat you or call, they want to know who you are.
  • Use a signature photograph on your personal pages This means use the same picture across all your digital accounts including whatsapp, twitter, Instagram, facebook etc

3. Build a clientele – a clientele is a pool of clients, prospects or intending clients who have shown interest in your product. They may be between 100 – 500, or even thousands, create a broadcast group for them on whatsapp, the reason for this, most of them will eventually buy or refer someone to you someday if you keep sending valuable information within and outside real estate.

4. Do not be too emotional – a sudden change of mind by a client should not affect you. Many realtors have been disappointed and discouraged because of a client’s disappointment, please move on to other prospects, they will compensate you, do not talk harshly to them because they refused to buy again as they promised.

5. Do not ask for financial assistance from your prospects and clients, It’s a complete put- off many people.

6. Be intentional about your goal, don’t let any client or colleague make you feel less. Be confident.

7. Have a pool of fantastic products Source for good and genuine properties, do not limit yourself.

8. Use your money to get clients by running paid adverts. Unpaid adverts too work but run more paid advertisements. Make sure you get it right and learn a train of digital marketing skills too.

9. Read up on good and quality books. Greatness lies in books.

10. Before starting the advertisement make sure you are sound enough to talk to a client. Be knowledgeable. Politely tell clients what they don’t know about your field. Many will stick with you because of that alone. Know your onions.

11. Be contemporary or updated – Have an up to date knowledge and information about real estate.

12. Never ask for money or assistance from a client or prospect This is repeated twice in this write-up because of its importance. It’s a complete put-off to many people. Instead, serve them well, some will appreciate you with a token that you may accept or not.

13. Don’t be too friendly with your prospects Moderation is key but if they come to you, be open-handed.

14. Be compassionate – have human feelings, if a client tells you they have sudden emergencies to attend to and that they can’t buy again or meet up with their installment payments, believe them and wish them well. Don’t put them under too much pressure.

15. Focus on the best firm in terms of good products and client satisfaction- A satisfied client will come back to buy more from you and also refer people to you.

16. Being a realtor is one of the best careers ever: – Many believe real estate sales and marketing is very difficult, well, they are right, but not totally right, Please note that marketing is one of the best careers in the world. Everyone is a marketer whether professionally or traditionally. Even the strictly 8am – 5pm persons working in any field of endeavors are indirect marketers, this is why: They must sell themselves well to any employer to employ them, if para venture they managed to get in without selling themselves well at the interview, they will be required to sell their company at any given opportunity.

So remain focused and pursue your dreams, you will be grateful you chose this career when the results start coming.


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